John Marsden – Curriculum Vitae

  • IEMA Magazine – 2005 – 2011 – Series of 30 articles entitled ‘The Auditor’
  • Environmentalist Magazine – Article covering 15 Years of ISO 14001
  • IEMA Handbook – 2nd Edition – 2011 EarthScan Publications. Chapter – Auditing


  • Master of Science in Integrated Pollution Management covering all aspects of pollution control and associated legislation. University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), Department of Chemical Engineering (1995 – 1996)
  • Diploma in Marketing Sheffield Hallam University ( 1984 – 1985)
  • Master of Philosophy, Research degree on environmental design and statistical analysis. University of Cambridge (1981 – 1982)
  • BSc Special Honours in Botany and Ecology, Grade 2:1 University of Sheffield (1976 – 1979)


Chartered Environmentalist, Registration Number -1627 – 11/4/2005

February 2004 – Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (FIEMA)

Associate of the Institute of Quality Assurance (April 2001)

Registered Principal Environmental Auditor with IEMA (Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment)


IRCA Approved OHSAS 18001 Conversion Course for Lead Auditors (October 2003)

IRCA Approved ISO9001 Transition Auditor Course passed in March 2003

IRCA Registered ISO9000 Lead Auditor course as a delegate – passed in June 1999

Diploma in Environmental Management – 3 week course in 2002 – British Safety Council


1993 – 2016        Independent Management System Consultant. Work as a consultant to develop ISO 14001, OHSAS and ISO 9001 management systems and deliver accredited IRCA and IEMA training courses in the UK and around the world.

Projects related to the integration of management systems was carried out for organisations in the UK and abroad. (See summary of work undertaken below).

1996 – 2016         Conducted 3rd party certification audits for DNV-GL

1990 – 1993        Management System Advisor Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental) and Consultant for North Nottinghamshire Training and Enterprise Council (TEC). Provided support over 3 years to the TEC in undertaking environmental reviews and legal assessments. At the same time I provided advice to many companies throughout North Nottinghamshire in environmental management and IPC compliance

1989 – 1990        Worked for University of Sheffield Environmental company carrying out industrial research in a laboratory environment.

1985 – 1989        Pan Britannica Industries Ltd   – Worked as Quality Control and Technical Specialist involved in the validation of trials to investigate the effects of agrochemicals on the environment.

1982 – 1985         Dalgety PLC – Worked as Technical Specialist in Product Management. Spent 3 years working in the control laboratory checking the standards of seed with respect to their quality. Undertook sampling studies and assessment of crop growth in field conditions.

1979 – 1981         Fishers Seeds, Driffield. – Worked as a Quality Control Officer in a laboratory used to assess technical standards of incoming cereal products. Laboratory manager.


Lead Auditor Training Courses – OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001

Over 60 registered IEMA-Approved and 20 IRCA training courses have been delivered, each of 5 days duration, as the Lead Tutor in all cases (tutor for each day). Many courses are Marsden International copyright and approved with IEMA and IRCA.

All these courses follow the syllabus set by IRCA and IEMA which includes OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, auditing techniques and protocols, understanding legislation and HSE issues as well as providing a major case study for delegates. A greater percentage of work is now related to the provision of environmental training courses. Delivery in Russian Federation, USA, China, Brazil (15 courses), India, Poland, Serbia, Taiwan, Greece, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Denmark, Sri Lanka and Ireland.

Other customised courses have been delivered to a range of blue-chip clients from the engineering and chemical industry sectors to food manufacture and the oil industry.

These include major organisations, as well as other courses tailored to specific requirements of TEC’s, Business Links, Chambers and industry groups.


As an accomplished ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor, I had provided certification audits for many blue-chip organisations such as BP, ChevronTexaco, Mars and many others. I have a developed expertise in OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001 and able to offer integrated management systems services (training, consultancy and certification auditing) I retain a specialist knowledge of environmental legislation, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 auditing and consultancy. I have developed and had approved EMS and OHSAS lead auditor courses with both IEMA and IRCA.

John Marsden – Key Projects Undertaken 2008 – 2015 (Summary)

2013/5- Continued to undertake certification audits for DNV – 95 days in 2013, 120 days in 2014, 100 days in 2015. Worked with resort company to continue developing their ISO 14001 management system.

2012 – Development of web training courses – 10 days of training delivered as part of ISO 14001 Course.

140 days of certification audits to end of 2012. Includes RTA Alesa, RTA, Bechtel, Dynea, Huntsman, NOV, Yara Industrial, Xylem, Bombardier etc for DNV Certification in UK, Switzerland, Canada, Ireland, Scotland and Norway.

2012 – IATA (Geneva) ISO 14001 – 20 day Project providing support and assistance in drafting a new EMS standard for the airline industry.

Web Training course for OHSAS 18001 auditors – in association with St Gobain Glass, Network Rail and First Bus Group.

Major Project for Abu Dhabi Port Authority in association with American Bureau of Shipping – review of management system documentation in readiness for certification. 8 days – December 2010

Wide range of certification audits undertaken for a number of clients associated with DNV (eg training courses, reviews, audits and training courses for oil companies, manufacturing and service sector clients).

OHSAS, ISO 14001 certifications and periodic audits to companies such as Sandvik, SKF, Rohm & Haas, Dynea, White Young Green, DHL Aviation, GE Transportation, Alcatel Submarine Networks, Veolia, Mars, General Motors, Flygt Pumps, Yara Industrial, Lumipaper, E-Production, First Bus, Stone & Webster, CTC Marine Projects, (45 days)

Certification process for engineering consultancy organisation delivering projects internationally (OHSAS and ISO 14001) Approx 6 days

Delivery of 2 OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Courses for clients in Ireland

Delivery of 1 Advanced EMS Auditor Course – Wyeth, Grange Castle, Ireland.

ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 ISO 9001 Periodic certification audits totalling 20 days January – June 2008 for two separate large environmental consultancies (White Young Green, RSK) and carrying out integrated certification audits.

John Marsden – Key Projects Undertaken in 2007 (Summary)

Certification process for engineering consultancy organisation delivering projects internationally (OHSAS and ISO 14001) Approx 6 days

Delivery of 3 OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Courses for 2 clients in Ireland

Delivery of 2 Advanced EMS Auditor Courses – Ireland and UK.

ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 Periodic Audits (certification) consultancy projects totalling 120 days from January 2007 to early 2008 including large environmental consultancy integrated certification audit.

John Marsden – Key Projects Undertaken in 2006 (Summary)

Assorted certification audits, periodic audits and gap analysis of over 10 businesses and over 35 days covering OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in various combinations.

ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 Combined Certification audit of 10 Whisky Distilleries as part of international corporation– total of 15 days work

OHSAS 18001 4-day periodic audit of engineering services company– May 2006

IRCA-approved OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Training Course – Tutor. Dublin April 2006

OHSAS 18001 / ISO 14001 Combined Audit – Soft Drink Manufacturer March 2006

22 days of surveillance audits to OHSAS 18001 and / or ISO 14001

Certification audit for Chemical supplies company to OHSAS 18001 February 2006

Certification audit to Chemical manufacturer March 2006

OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Course – Rotherham

John Marsden – Key Projects Undertaken in 2005 (Summary)

BP Angola – 5 day ISO 14001 surveillence audit

Periodic Audit 5 day – Construction Projects company – UK-wide audit ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

Astra Zeneca OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 Audit

3 day OHSAS 18001 Certification Audit – Bearings company, Luton

OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Course – Kuala Lumpur, May 2005, Singapore, July 2005

10 days of OHSAS 18001 Audits undertaken for 5 companies within the Building Supplies Group – July 2005

5 OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Training Courses – Lead Tutor Jan – May

Certification audits – BP Angola, Shell Production Platform Cameroon

HSE Training course to nuclear power plant – Bulgaria

2 IRCA-approved OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Courses

18 days of ISO 14001 certification surveillence audits

3 ISO 14001 Advanced EMS Auditor Courses

John Marsden – Key Projects Undertaken in 2004 (Summary)

Masterfoods ISO 14001 Certification audit – Birstall Petcare Factory

ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001 Certification audit– international oil drilling company with 59 rigs worldwide. 5 day audit.

OHSAS 18001 Lead Auditor Course, UK – Lead Tutor for 5 days

Various surveillence audits of ISO 14001 (12 days work)

ISO 14001 Audit – Oil Production Company based in Aberdeen

QMS / EMS Periodic audit of Lighthouse organisation (3 days) – Harwich

EMS/QMS Audit of large multinational polyolefin manufacturer (4 day Periodic audit)

Initial Visit for food company as part of ISO 14001 certification (2 days)

Initial Visit for meat based petfood company as part of ISO 14001 certification (2 days)

Initial Visit for petfood company as part of ISO 14001 certification (2 days)

Initial Visit for pasta and food company as part of ISO 14001 certification (2 days)

ISO 14001 Periodic audit of rubber manufacturer

ISO 14001 Periodic audit of rivet manufacturer (automotive industry)

ISO 14001 Periodic audit of flame retardent company (chemical sector)

ISO 14001 Periodic audit of service centres (8)

ISO 14001 Periodic audit of oil company – Pecten Cameroon, Shell International, 5 days including offshore work and supply base in Cameroon

5 day EMS Lead Auditor Training Course

ISO 9001 4 day Management system audit of power transmission contracting company

OHSAS 18001 Management System audit of service and environmental engineering company (4 day)

John Marsden – Projects Undertaken –   2003 (Summary)

Masterfoods ISO 14001 Gap Analysis in preparation for certification audit rogramme

ISO 14001 Advanced EMS Auditor Training Course – MI-1 – December 2003

BP Angola – ISO 14001 Periodic Audit – Offshore Drilling operation in Angola – 5 day audit

Apache – ISO 14001 Periodic Audit 5 days of Forties Oil and Gas Production Head Office and Forties Field

4 day audit of Printing Company DR/IV ISO 14001 Certification Audit

6 day ISO 14001 Audit of Gas-fired Power stations at Stallingborough and Brigg

Lighthouse Service Combined ISO 14001 and ISO 9001:2000 Periodic Audit, South West UK.

3 x Lead Auditor Advanced EMS auditor Courses – May, July, September 2003

Laboratory Consultancy company ISO 14001 Certification Audit, (2 days)Birmingham

EMAS/ISO 14001 Audit 4 days Centrica (Rough Field), Easington Facility, East Yorkshire

Certification Audit – (Integrated system ISO14001 and ISO9001 ) Poly-olefin Manufacturer, Milton Keynes and Carrington, Manchester

Certification audit (ISO9000/14001) for Lighthouse Service – Cowes, London and Harwich 5 day audit

Certification Audit – ISO14001 Main Audit as part of ISO14001 certification audit for public transport company (bus company) based in London covering 11 depots over whole of London.

Training course – British Safety Council tutors attended Advanced EMS Auditor Course – Tutor

Recertification audit of Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer – Egypt

Legislation update for Car Distribution 3 days, Rugby

John Marsden – Projects Undertaken 2002

Training course Tutor for Diploma in Environmental Management Module II. British Safety Council. 15 day course

ISO9001/14001 Document review and initial visit as part of ISO14001 certification audit for public transport company (bus company) based in London.

ISO9001/14001 Certification Audit of Automobile Association sites. 7 days and 10 visits to sites in North England. Main certification audit of implementation of EMS in AA Service Centres.

Periodic Integrated ISO14001 audit of BP Angola – 5 day visit – Drilling and Exploration activities

Certification Audit – Integrated Management System – BP West Java, Jakarta, Indonesia. Lead Audit in ISO9001/ISO14001 Certification Audit over 6 days. Visit to Platform and activities off-shore.

Periodic IMS audit of major oil and gas production company offshore Africa (Lead EMS Auditor)

5 days work – Pecten Cameroon – part of Shell International based in Houston, Texas, USA.

Periodic QMS/ EMS Audit of shopping Centre (3 days) registered to ISO14001

Periodic EMS Audit of Chemicals company (2 days)

Training Course – ISO14001 Lead Auditor IEMA-Approved for a London Local Authority Council February 2002 undertaken over 5 days

Training Course – ISO14001 Lead Auditor IEMA-Approved Philippines – February 2002 undertaken over 5 days

Training Course – Tutor training with British Safety Council IEMA- Part 1 over 5 days- limited participation as trainee tutor

IEMA-Approved Internal EMS Auditor Training Course delivery to engineering company – Leeds over 3 days including live audit

Consultancy project in Sri Lanka. 7 days work finalising ISO14001 management systems in readiness for certification as part of UN project

IEMA-Approved Internal EMS Auditor Training Course delivery to multi-national food processing company – Hull. over 3 days including live audit

Development of internet site associated with EMS/AMS audit process. Conducted around 10 days work.

Training Course – ISO14001 Lead Auditor IEMA-Approved Moscow Cleaner Production Centre (A UNIDO organisation) May 2002 undertaken over 5 days. Course number 2 in Russian Federation

John Marsden – EMS / QMS Projects 2001

ISO14001/ISO9001 Certification Audit – British Petroleum – Angola (Stage 2 – Initial Audit) 5 days

5 days of Certification audits (Periodic audits) with 3 spearate clients (October, November)

ISO14001 Auditor Course for Certification Body, Aberdeen November

Management System Certification Audit – British Petroleum – Angola (Initial Visit/ Document Review) 4 days

ISO14001 Lead Auditor Course – UK (PERA) Lead Tutor

Lead Tutor – ISO14001 EMS Auditor Course (10 days) Madagascar

Internal Auditor Training Course (EMS) 2 days (Lead Tutor) Technical Instruments

Internal Auditor Training Course (EMS) 3 days (Lead Tutor)

Certification Audit – Healthcare sector 3 days (Lead Auditor)

Lead tutor – ISO14001 Lead Auditor Training Course – Indianapolis, USA

Lead tutor – ISO14001 Lead Auditor Training Course – Melton Mowbray

Re-certification audit of Healthcare products company

ISO14001 Certification Audit of chemical company – Lead Auditor

Periodic audit – certification of shopping centre

Lead Auditor in Certification audit – International HQ of major vehicle manufacturer

Lead Consultant of UNIDO project developing ISO14001 in 10 companies in Sri Lanka as part of a major United Nations project. Commenced work in January 2001 – 60 day project. Consultancy project to assist 10 companies to implement ISO14001 (Prawn farming and processing, metal nut manufacturer, healthcare company, surgical glove manufacturer, garment manufacturer, dyehouse, food company, organic tea plantation, coconut by-product manufacturer, asbestos sheet manufacturer). Integration of EMS with QMS management systems

Tutor for IEMA Approved ISO14001 Lead Auditor Training Course – Moscow Centre for Cleaner Production – Oil and Gas Research Centre, Russian Federation

John Marsden – Environmental Projects Undertaken – 2000

Certification audit of major oil and gas production company offshore Africa (Lead EMS Auditor)

Certification Audit of shopping center ISO14001, ISO 9001 (Lead EMS Auditor)

Certification Audit of Gas production and processing operation (EMS Auditor)

Periodic Audit (certification body) of engineering company

Environmental Audit (ISO14001) on drink dispenser manufacturer

Environmental Review on packaging company

Environmental Review – Railway Engineering Company

Certification audit shadowing exercise on national printing company

Training Course – 3 day internal EMS audit course – Atlanta, Georgia

Training Course – 6 day – Hungary Cleaner Technology Group, Budapest

Training Course – EMS Lead Audit Course in Saudi Arabia

2 x 3 day Training courses for international Japanese motor manufacturer

Environmental Law Updates for 3 companies to meet ISO14001

8 x 5 day Lead Auditor Courses delivered in UK as public courses

John Marsden – Project Summary – 1998 / 1999

Over 15 x 5 day training courses have been delivered as part of an international programme involving 5 partner organisations.

Design and implementation of ISO14001 Intranet Site – A 10 day project carried out for International Computers Ltd, Corporate Environmental Department, Ascot, Berkshire. Full design of the material included within their corporate web site as part of in-company training course.

Certification Organisation – Main Certification Audit to ISO14001 for Petroleum Development Oman (A Shell company). Undertaken main certification audit on behalf of ABS Services Inc. on this oil-producing company.

International Oil Producer – January – March 1999.   Lead Auditor for a Verification Audit (EMAS-type) of a 15,000-employee national and international oil producer in the Middle East. Fully responsible for planning, undertaking and reporting the audit in 3 stages over a period of 30 working days and covering 8 locations and 800 miles of oil wells and pipelines.

EMS Audit for UCB Films, Bridgwater – Undertaken a 5 day ISO14001 internal audit to determine level of compliance with standard and to identify areas of improvement needed for certification.

Certification Organisation – Pre-Audit to ISO14001. Undertaken pre-certification audit on behalf of ABS Services Inc. on oil producing company (Single Asset Location)

International Oil Producer – January – March 1998.   Lead Auditor for a Verification Audit (EMAS-type) of a 15,000-employee national and international oil producer in the Middle East (Petroleum Development Oman). Fully responsible for planning, undertaking and reporting the audit in 3 stages over a period of 30 working days and covering 8 locations and 800 miles of oil wells and pipelines.

John Marsden –  Consultancy Projects Summary  – 1997

7 ISO14001 Lead Auditor training courses Delivered as Lead Tutor – EARA Approved courses duration 5 days for each course

Surveillence EMS Audit – Chemicals Manufacturer which has registered to ISO14001 undertaken for certification body based in Manchester

Preparatory Environmental Review – Training and Enterprise Council which is intending to be the first such organisation to become registered to ISO14001. Further training programmes and guidance on implementation of the EMS and auditing protocols.

EMS Certification Audit – EMS Audit of a foam manufacturer seeking registration to ISO14001. Worked as EMS Certification auditor.

Preparatory Environmental Review – Detailed assessment of large site in the armaments industry which is preparing for the development of EMS to meet requirements of ISO14001

EMS Certification Audit – Comprehensive EMS Audit of a fine-chemical manufacturer seeking registration to ISO14001. Working with Republic of Ireland Certification Body as a Lead Auditor.

4 x 3 day Environmental Reviews – Short Project undertaken for Business Link Rotherham acting as mentor for trainee environmental auditor.

EMS Audit against ISO14001 – 5 day project carried out for Lawson Marden Plastics to undertake a full internal EMS Pre-Audit against ISO14001. Information used by company to undergo final development stage as part of certification process.

EMS Auditing Training Resource – Project undertaken during January / February 1997 over 30 days involved in authoring an interactive CD-ROM to provide a complete EMS Audit based on Procedures, Records, Interviews and Photographs of a typical manufacturing business.

John Marsden – Consultancy Projects Undertaken – 1996

Over 12 training courses delivered during this year (5 day IEMA approved Lead Auditor Training Courses)

Food Processing Company – Northern Ireland –   Major project to implement ISO14001 within a £33 million turnover business involved in processing liquid milk. 22 day project involving design of EMS, training and EMS Audit Programming.

Switch gear Manufacturer, North Nottinghamshire  – Detailed Environmental Review of all aspects of the site operation. Investigation into legislative requirements of the site.

Refractory Brick Manufacturer, North Nottinghamshire  – Preparatory Environmental Review together with the development of elements of ISO14001 which will be submitted for certification in Autumn 1996. Included a detailed assessment of all aspects of regulatory control under the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Manufacturer of Chorinated Phenols – Preparation and delivery of internal environmental training course for all site employees and management (20 seminars x 1 day)

Liquid Milk Processing Factory – Northern Ireland – Undertaken a detailed 15-day Preparatory Environmental Review and Pre-assessment to ISO14001. Full site assessment included development of training and questionnaire design for staff at the site.

John Marsden – Consultancy Projects Undertaken – 1995

Bitumen Processing Operation (Croda Bitumen), South Yorkshire – Environmental management system of large site activities together with the development of policy and creation of register of regulations and other components of BS7750

Steel Foundry (Unsco Steels), North Nottinghamshire   – A detailed environmental review was undertaken at this large site to evaluate compliance with environmental legislation and to identify environmental issues of concern to the organisation.

Oil Recovery & Refining Operation (Lanstar), South Yorkshire – Assessment to the requirements of BS 7750 including EMS Audit to identify areas of non-conformance to the standard. Also worked to create elements such as environmental effects register and register of regulatory requirements.

Metal Recycling Operation, South Yorkshire  – Full site audit of this Part A, IPC regulated metal reclamation business together with a pre-assessment to BS7750.

Replacement Window Manufacturer, South Yorkshire – Consultancy project to help the business identify the requirements of EMS and to assist in the implementation of BS7750.

Iron Foundry & Refractory Manufacturing Operation, South Yorkshire  – Environmental Legislative Compliance Audit undertaken of this Foundry to identify degree of conformance to the requirements of the EPA 1990. Also required to identify areas for application of elements of BS7750

Bath Manufacturer, South Yorkshire  – Undertaken a detailed compliance audit to requirements of EPA 1990. Also provided drafting and guidance on environmental policy formation. Assessment of waste minimisation opportunities at the site.

Mineral Acid Packaging Company , South Yorkshire – Undertaken assessment of environmental impacts of the Company’s operations by Preparatory Environmental Review. Provided environmental policy and guidance and consultancy on BS 7750.

Valve Manufacturer for Chemicals Sector, South Yorkshire – Undertaken detailed environmental review for the organisation together with consultancy to achieve EMS certification to BS 7750.

Printing Business, South Yorkshire – Undertaken environmental review of the printing operations associated with the company together with assistance with introduction of EMS at the site.

Petfood Manufacturer, North Nottinghamshire – Undertook a full site environmental audit for this large multi-national foods company.

John Marsden – Consultancy Projects Undertaken – 1994

Metal Processing Operation, North Nottinghamshire – Legislative Compliance Audit of a manufacturer of railtrack fastening units. Assessment of environmental effects at the site and gap-analysis of elements for EMS development.

Poultry Processing Factory, North Nottinghamshire – Preparatory Environmental Review of a major poultry factory. Detailed assessment of all environmental effects and the creation of register of effects and regulations.

Building Contracting Company, North Midlands Construction Ltd, North Nottinghamshire – Preparation of Environmental Policy and Environmental Handbook for all employees to work to improved environmental standards at construction sites around the UK.

Marble & Granite Processing Factory, North Nottinghamshire –   Health, Safety & Environmental Assessment of the site which is primarily involved in the cutting and preparation of marble blocks. Dust assessments and effluent discharge reporting undertaken.

Food Manufacturing Operation, North Nottinghamshire –   Full environmental review of a food processing business which is involved in the manufacture of fresh sandwiches, with a turnover of £20m.

Garment Manufacturer, Derbyshire   –   Pre-Assessment to BS7750 of four manufacturing sites of this multi-national organisation. Preparation of Register of Environmental Effects, Register of Legislation, Environmental manual preparation.

Plastic Moulding Company, Nottinghamshire –   Pre-Assessment to BS7750 for the main UK site of this 26-site international packaging company for certification.

Glue Manufacturer, Nottinghamshire –   Undertaken detailed environmental review of the site which is part of a multi-national organisation. Major glue manufacturer which processes many different types of resins and glue for many industries. Part B registered under EPA 1990.

Fellmongery Business, Nottinghamshire –   Environmental Review for BS7750. This company is part of a large organisation spanning food & agriculture involved in the supply of wool and pelts to the weaving and tannery business.

Glass Bulb Manufacturer, Nottinghamshire – Full Environmental Review for one of the largest manufacturers of glass bulbs in the world. Assessment of the degree of compliance with Integrated pollution Control, together with recommendations with regard to compliance strategy.

Hosiery Manufacturer, Nottinghamshire –   Full environmental audit of the site to include compliance with environmental legislation and create environmental effects register.

Furniture Manufacturing Operation – Undertaken work to prepare the company for BS7750. Prepared an environmental policy statement, effects register and environmental manual in line with the requirements of BS7750.

John Marsden – Consultancy Projects Undertaken – 1993

Health Sector Manufacturer, Derbyshire   –   Preparatory Environmental Review covering all aspects of production and site. Waste assessment and compliance audit

Plastic Extrusion Operation, Derbyshire – Preparatory Environmental Review covering all aspects of production and site. Assessment of regulatory requirements and effects evaluation preparation for EMS Manual formation

Machinery Manufacturer, Derbyshire – Assessment of environmental impacts of site for Putzmeister, a German specialist assembly company. Regulatory assessment and waste audit.

Polythene Manufacturer – Environmental compliance assessment to Environmental Protection Act 1990. Part B Process which required advice on emissions testing and abatement equipment needed.

Calow Hospital, Chesterfield, Derbyshire – Full Environmental Review which assessed all legislative requirements of the organisation. Assessment of incinerator with respect to EPA 1990 requirements. Waste audit to determine areas for improvement.

Replacement Window Manufacturer, Nottinghamshire – Environmental Audit of site and operations to determine areas where legislative and procedural aspects require improvement from an environmental point of view. Procedures written to ensure full compliance with the Duty of Care on Waste Regulations

Landfill Site, Lancashire – Full environmental audit to assess the degree of compliance with environmental legislation and liabilities which may arise as a result of operations at the site. Assessment of procedures designed to comply with relevant legislation and assessment of the EMS

Poultry Feed Manufacturing Plant, Nottinghamshire – Application to the Local Authority for Registration of Prescribed Process under the Environmental Protection Act 1990. This project involved work at two sites to submit the application and to liaise with the regulator.

John Marsden – Training and Consultancy Support – 1990 to 1993

Activities carried out while working for North Nottinghamshire TEC include the following ;-

  • Provided central UK focal point for TEC’s (forerunner of Business Link) for environmental issues such as waste, energy, pollution management and related topics prior to the development of management system standards (apart from EMAS which emerged from the EU in 1989).
  • Major project involving 6 businesses to develop an EMS based on the developing British Standard (Draft BS7750)
  • Created and managed a new initiative relating to Waste Minimisation for 4 businesses within Nottinghamshire given the title  “WasteNott”
  • Series of ten seminars delivered with some guest speakers together with presentations by myself on various topics such as Waste Minimisation, Duty of Care on Waste, EPA 1990 etc. These were the first wave of briefings that linked environment and business in the UK.