Case Study: Training with a Global Reach

Case Study – Uli Wildan Nuryanto (Indonesia)

Online training has many advantages - from money spent on travelling to the comfort of being able to study from your own home or office – but one factor that we are particularly proud of is the ability to have a truly global reach. Whether it is a course dealing with Environmental Management Systems, or Health and Safety, we are happy that AuditMentor trained auditors are making a positive difference at businesses around the globe. One such example of this is our recent delegate Uli Wildan Nuryanto, who has succsefully completed our accredited courses on the ISO 14001 – 2015 and OHSAS 18001 standards. Uli is the Director of AQA Consultancy in Indonesia, specialising in ISO 9001, 14001 and Health and Safety. He has got a background in Chemical Engineering and has previously studied a Bachelor and Masters Degree in the subject.

Uli and AuditMentor

“I choHongkong 2008se AuditMentor because of the accreditation of the courses from IEMA and IOSH; these organisations are large bodies in Europe and knowledge of the standards will help as we continue to develop our own standard system of environment and safety.” The experience of John Marsden (AuditMentor’s Company Director) was also a major factor in my decision to study, and his expertise was valuable during the course. The training follows a systematic approach, starting with the basics of the standard and building through the various clauses and elements. This is a great way to develop knowledge of the standard, and how to use this on an audit. Overall the training is great and it's the best online training that I have followed. I enjoyed the training and will look to return to AuditMentor as they add more courses to their offer.”

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