Case Study: Rob Poole – OHS Audit Course Feedback

Robert Poole Pacific Drilling 05/07/2014 OHS AUDIT COURSE FEEDBACK Please complete this feedback form so that we can measure your degree of satisfaction with the training provided. Please provide your comments in a open and constructive manner as possible so we can see what works well and what could be improved. Score 1 – 10. ( 1 = low or NO , 10 = high or YES)

1. Was the registration and login process easy to complete?

Score (10 ) A very easy process and had access to the content immediately.

2. How effective was the multi-media content in terms of style, clarity, interest and presentation?

Score (10 ) Very thorough and easy to understand content.

3. Did this AuditMentor course provide you with a better understanding of the Audit Process?

Score ( 10 ) Gave me the knowledge of how the audit process works.

4. Did you obtain timely clarification of any queries with the tutor?

Score (10 ) Very timely response to any emails/queries.

5. How enjoyable was the experience of using this course as an elearning programme?

Score (10 ) Probably the most interesting elearning course I have ever taken.

6. Did the quizzes help you to track your own understanding of Auditing?

Score (10 ) Quizzes helped me when it came to the case study most definitely.

7. Would you recommend AuditMentor to other auditors? Yes / No / Other ( )

Anyone who would like to become or interested in the future should use this course as a benchmark

8. Would you wish to complete an online practical case study as part of any accredited training programme for an additional fee? Yes / No / Other ( )

Further education/training on auditing would benefit me for my future aspirations.

9. Would you want the training to be approved by a recognised body? Yes / No / Other ( )

As a TechIOSH member, this course and any further courses will help maintain my CPD.

10. Can use your comments to support our marketing programme? Yes / No / Other ( )

No problem.

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