Case Study: OHSAS Case Study – Josanne Goolcharan

Josanne is an Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator who works for an Environmental Services Company. They provide operations and services in Solid, Liquid and Hazardous Waste Management for domestic and commercial organizations. She completed the AuditMentor OHSAS 18001 Training Course for Auditors in October 2015.

We asked her a few questions about studying with us…

What were the factors that made you choose AuditMentor?

I chose AuditMentor to study OHSAS 18001 because of the availability of the course online. It was convenient for me, having a demanding job with long hours of work. A number of institutions offered similar programs; however, AuditMentor gave a simpler and more user friendly impression. I had a few concerns and questions [prior to purchase] and I received timely, thorough and professional responses from the team. It was reassuring to know that I would have the support of the facilitators during the course.  

How did online learning compare to face-to-face training?

This was my first online course and I must say it was a positive experience. I was able to complete the course on my own terms, and had the opportunity to review the slides as much as I needed to fully understand the concepts. I was also able to ask questions during my study. It proved to me that online training can be just as interactive and effective as face-to-face courses, when structured in a user friendly manner as is the case with AuditMentor.

Did the course help you to develop your knowledge of the OHSAS 18001 standard?

The course helped me to further develop my hands-on experience of OHSAS 18001. I was exposed to the standard at a previous job, where I worked as a trainee and was required to get to know the concepts and methods used in auditing, coupled with the requirements of the standard - in a short period of time. At that point, I just knew to ask certain questions to which I was provided with simple 'yes or no' replies. Having completed the AuditMentor course, I now have a better understanding of the technical and non-technical requirements when carrying out audits, as well as understanding the requirements of the elements of the standard and what factors to look for when carrying out such audits. I am now able to develop Safety Management Systems more efficiently and thoroughly, and can also build on my auditing experience. This will benefit both myself (as a professional) and the Company I work for, in terms of compliance to Health and Safety Standards and its credibility and reputation regarding its clients.

How would you rate your overall experience of learning with AuditMentor?

I can definitely say that I give AuditMentor a full 10/10 rating in material context, presentation and relation of the course content.... everything. I have no doubts in recommending AuditMentor to anyone.

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