Case Study: Michelle Jones – Natural Resources Wales

An environmental professional augments experience with an accredited auditing certificate

Michelle Jones is the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) Co-ordinator for Natural Resources Wales - the largest Welsh government sponsored body employing more than 1,800 staff. They work to ensure that the environment and natural resources of Wales are sustainably maintained, enhanced and used. Having started a new role as EMS coordinator, Michelle took on an important position in a small, specialist team and was required to perform ISO 14001 internal audits. A requirement of Natural Resources Wales is that their audits are conducted by staff who have been trained by a certified provider.

Why AuditMentor?

The AuditMentor Internal EMS Auditor Course is certified by IEMA and was particularly suitable because it allowed Michelle the opportunity to study the course online at a pace which fit in with her schedule. “Online training worked well for me as I set aside a day a week to work from home and undertake the training. This enabled me to be free of distraction, phone calls and helped me focus on the training. The course content was well explained and clearly illustrated with real-life examples, photos and videos. Having a variety of training tools really held my concentration; the end of module quizzes ensured my understanding and consolidation of the content.”

Professional Benefits

Studying with AuditMentor provided Michelle with a working knowledge of the ISO 14001 standard and how it applies to her organisation and its sites.
“It provided me with an understanding of what I need to look out for in terms of ensuring our organisation and our sites meet ISO14001 standards and therefore protecting our ISO14001 certification. We have a variety of sites from visitor centres, offices, deer larders and workshops but the online training was delivered in a way that applied to all.”
After successfully completing the AuditMentor online training programme, Michelle shadowed other accredited internal auditors within the organisation and is now developing her audit portfolio. Natural Resources Wales has an effective, trained audit team which helps them to reduce their environmental impact and lead by example.

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