Case Study: John-Scott Hamilton – Oil & Gas industry

AuditMentor prides itself on keeping up with the latest additions and amendments to the ISO14001 standard. With the launch of the updated standard last year, we were one of the first training providers to offer a fully revised course.

Our Client

John-Scott  Hamilton completed the AuditMentor EMS Auditor training in August 2016. He is a contractor who works across a number of supply chains and organisations in the oil and gas sector. He came across AuditMentor when searching for a training solution which offered a user-friendly route to a better understanding of the audit process, which could be fitted around a hectic schedule.

How did online learning compare to face-to-face training?

“I have completed face to face training sessions before and although you get real time support it’s not always best as others involved in the training might have greater or less experience and the course may move quicker or slower than you might like. With the online training it was fine to drop and pick up as you go through the assessments and is all at your own pace so you decide your own less-stressful  course schedule .”

The benefits of AuditMentor

“I wanted a better understanding of auditing and that’s exactly what I got, complete  with additional information and references to ISO material that was beneficial to me. There were various elements of the ISO14001-2015 standard that I was unaware of so [the course] was of great benefit to me and has given me a good reference and integration point for other ISO standards going forward.” john-scott-hamilton

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