Case Study: John Potter – Offshore QHSE advisor – Bibby offshore

John Potter is a QHSE industry professional who resides in Germany with his family – working offshore on rotation. Like many of our clients, John needed a flexible, online training solution which could fit in with his busy professional life and took away the need to travel to attend a course. Having completed the Internal EMS Auditor Course in January 2016 John has already used his improved knowledge of the ISO 1400 – 2015 standard and audit process to make progressive changes to his employer’s EMS (Environmental Management System). As well as a CV boost, John feels that completing the AuditMentor training has “produced dividends for the company when areas of improvement have come to light.” John will be joining us again soon to undertake the OHSAS 18001 Training Course for Auditors.

In John’s words…

How did online training compare to face-to-face training?

“I found online training ideally suited my learning preference, it allowed me to pause […] at my leisure. It also allows the candidate to return and view information which was not fully understood or which needed recapping without stalling other learners as would be the case if the course was taken in a classroom.”

What have been the professional benefits of completing the Internal EMS Auditor Course?

“Since completing the ISO 14001-2015 course, it has given me the knowledge to be able to carry out my auditing role with full confidence, which in turn has produced dividends for the company when areas of improvement have come to light.”    

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