Case Study: Jack O’Neill SHEQ Manager, Systemic Learning Ltd

What were the factors that made you choose AuditMentor?

“The contributing factors of choosing AuditMentor were the flexibility of the course, the facileness of the course materials and the accessibility. I chose an e-learning option so I could study at my own pace and access online learning course materials and information at anytime, anywhere without any complications.”  

How did online learning compare to face-to-face training?

“Online training gave me the chance to learn and progress at my own pace. I felt comfortable in knowing that I had understood every aspect of the course [before moving on]. This has given me the confidence to utilise the knowledge and skills in my career. Face to face training can feel that the pace of the course is not in your control, and you don't feel you have grasped the concept that the course is trying to achieve.” “Auditmentor is reliable, easy to access, easy to follow and understand, user friendly and at the same time provides all the necessary information and detail to be successful.” “Help was always at hand with AuditMentor.”

Professional development

“Studying with AuditMentor has opened a lot more doors for me. With the environment being a hot topic globally, the course has given me the sufficient skills and knowledge to grasp opportunities, which has helped me to grow my business. The studying has given us [as a company] greater understanding of the ISO 14001- 2015 standard and its implementation, which has aided Systemic Learning Ltd to transfer the benefits of this to our customers through environmental course development and consultancy work.

Jack’s Comments on the Business Benefits of ISO 14001-2015

The benefits for a company having knowledge and certification of ISO14001 are substantial. Firstly, certification can help develop a company’s image in an industry where the public expects only profit motivation. When a company recognises its social responsibility to the environment it creates a better relationship with the public and enables customers to use products and services with confidence. Secondly, a greater knowledge of ISO14001 can obviously reduce costs, but often there can be a second tier of financial benefit. For example, in transportation you could reduce emissions, which may equate to fuel and tax savings, but this can also reduce your insurance premium, as by implementing ISO 14001 you could be assessed as a lower risk.

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