Case Study: Chris Malpass – HSE Training

Which company do you work for and what is your job title?

I am the director of my own HSE consulting company now, based in the South West. My main sectors are oil, gas and construction. I am currently working on the Shetland Gas Project for the Streamline Shipping Group.

Why did you choose AuditMentor?

It was the most cost-effective way to complete my initial Audit training.

How does online training compare with face-to-face training?

I don't think you can beat the interactive nature of a classroom, but the on line training from Auditmentor is easy to use and the materials first class.

Since completing the course, have any short / medium term benefits arisen (in your work or job applications)?

Certainly. I am already heavily involved in auditing in my consultancy role and I have a number of enquiries every week about my availability to assist in HSE training or auditing.

Do you think having the qualification will help you (or has already helped you) in developing your career in the longer term?

Definitely! I already have enough experience to progress to Lead Auditor status and upgrade my professional membership. I will be doing this in the coming months.

Has your company gained any benefits (eg improved audits) that could be attributed to attending the AuditMentor course?

The company I am working for in The Shetland Islands is working towards ISO accreditation and I am helping them put in place all the necessary audit and quality steps to achieve it. They will then be able to tender for bigger contracts in the near future.

Any additional comments about your experience with AuditMentor.

A very cost-effective and enjoyable way to achieve auditing qualifications. I have already recommended it to my colleagues so that they can assist me in our current role.

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