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Formula for a Championship Management System Scope

My last few audits have produced a number of interesting situations. I’d like to discuss one relating to the new standard and the scope of an EMS. I recently audited a large consultancy business – the type which involves high level design work for major clients. The sort of work that helps improve the efficiency […]

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Ten Point Thinking – Part 1

Ten Point Thinking Series on ISO 14001:2015 Every month John Marsden makes 10 points designed to help auditors think about what they are doing. Part 1 –  Linking ECO to ISO On balance, our global generation is trashing the world in so many ways (exploiting resources, loss of genetic diversity). We, the consumer, are ultimately […]

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Context and ISO 14001

Understanding the Organisation and its Context Context and ISO 14001 is in need of clarification. What exactly does context mean and what will the certification auditor require to see as evidence that this has been addressed by the organisation? The phrase context has been lifted from another ISO standard – ISO 31000 which relates to […]

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ISO 14001 2015 – The Life Cycle Perspective

I’m sure we’re all aware that the new standard went live last month. We’ve waited a long time for ISO 14001 – 2015, and now it’s here. ISO 14001 2015 requires that operational planning and control include controls to ensure that environmental aspects are addressed in the design and development process. This should be consistent […]

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ISO 14001 Evolves

The Final Draft of ISO 14001:2015 has raised some important points, which may go unnoticed and which may need to be discussed. They form a personal interpretation of the revision that has developed as I have been updating course content, attending certification body meetings and conducting certification audits. The requirements of the standard should be […]

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Improve your EMS

EMS – Environmental management systems and AuditMentor’s Top 10 Tips – The Second Set of Tips in the Series John Marsden provides hints and tips for improving your management system. He is a leading certification auditor who works for a number of international certification bodies. His audit experience dates back to 1990 and has carried […]

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ISO 14001 2015 Operation

ISO 14001 2015 Operation – Interpreting the requirements of any new standard is always going to be interesting. Getting a reasonable consensus of opinion on what is meant by “operational planning and control” or “operation” within ISO 14001:2015 is no exception. It is interesting to note that the journey taken by ISO 14001 2015 from […]

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Compliance Obligations – new term for EMS practitioners

COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS As part of my personal views on the almost developed ISO 14001:2015, these blogs provide an auditors’ perspective of what the new standard and it’s elements may mean for anyone associated with management systems. The phrase “compliance obligations” is a tidy expression for legal requirements that apply to an organisation, together with “everything […]

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Auditor of Energy Efficiency Scheme

Given the fact that the Carbon Reduction Commitment started this April and the speed at which the impending deadline for registration (September 30th), it seems to be a perfect time to consider how the ISO 14001 auditor community could add value to the organisation that may be implicated. The first point is that this scheme […]

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