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Ecolabel and the Environmental Management System

Is the certification auditor doing an audit to look for findings or nonconformities against the elements of the standard? Is there an additional scope that is frequently missed out as the auditor busily works to assess conformance or otherwise? The Ecolabel standard for products provides that agenda. These thoughts were swirling around as a 3-day […]

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Feeling your way through an environmental audit

Good practice is sometimes overlooked – the busy auditor with experience often works by feel rather than following checklists and ISO standard requirements. Confidentiality issues prevents disclosure of details, but hopefully this blog illustrates a couple of points about how feel can add to good auditing technique during an environmental audit. In this example, the […]

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A week or two in the life of a certification auditor

Whilst part of my busy life is spent developing online training courses and the associated infrastructure, I also spend a lot of time conducting audits to ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 together with ISO 9001 as part of integrated management systems. I’m sure many readers are busy themselves, but this month has been slightly busier […]

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ISO 14001 Auditor Competency

Do you have what it takes to become a competent ISO 14001 auditor? During an audit lunch break an interesting conversation developed between myself and a management consultant who was acting as the management representative for a small company. He used to deliver in-company ISO 14001 auditor courses. Out of 10 delegates, in his opinion, […]

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ISO 14001 2015 – The Life Cycle Perspective

I’m sure we’re all aware that the new standard went live last month. We’ve waited a long time for ISO 14001 – 2015, and now it’s here. ISO 14001 2015 requires that operational planning and control include controls to ensure that environmental aspects are addressed in the design and development process. This should be consistent […]

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ISO 14001 Revision Checklist

The new ISO 14001 revision checklist is now ready and the full unabridged version will be available to all delegates who purchase our online Internal Environmental Management System Auditor Course. Samples are available on this web site. The creation of the checklist is intended to assist auditors who will be grappling with the significant changes […]

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Top Tips for ISO 14001 Auditors

Top 10 tips for Auditors 1. The ISO 14001 auditors primary role is to find out how well the management system is working. What are the positives, what are the negatives. Where can the system be improved? A good auditor must know when and where the system should work better. 2. As an auditor, don’t […]

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Major, Minor Non conformance

Why is it important to get the right category for a finding or a non conformance? Well, for certification purposes, it’s a very important issue. A major non-conformity that is presented at any closing meeting for a certification audit means that the certification process cannot proceed until the issue has been properly addressed. For UKAS […]

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Certification Audits – Autumn 2014

It’s the busiest audit period in my life! Back-to-back audits of some of the worlds biggest companies who provide mainstream household consumer goods and foods were undertaken. This time, working as part of a team of professional auditors gives me yet more inspiration for the work we do. Some of my colleagues in the audit […]

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