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ISO 14001 2015 Operation

ISO 14001 2015 Operation – Interpreting the requirements of any new standard is always going to be interesting. Getting a reasonable consensus of opinion on what is meant by “operational planning and control” or “operation” within ISO 14001:2015 is no exception. It is interesting to note that the journey taken by ISO 14001 2015 from […]

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Major, Minor Non conformance

Why is it important to get the right category for a finding or a non conformance? Well, for certification purposes, it’s a very important issue. A major non-conformity that is presented at any closing meeting for a certification audit means that the certification process cannot proceed until the issue has been properly addressed. For UKAS […]

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Compliance Obligations – new term for EMS practitioners

COMPLIANCE OBLIGATIONS As part of my personal views on the almost developed ISO 14001:2015, these blogs provide an auditors’ perspective of what the new standard and it’s elements may mean for anyone associated with management systems. The phrase “compliance obligations” is a tidy expression for legal requirements that apply to an organisation, together with “everything […]

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Certification Audits – Autumn 2014

It’s the busiest audit period in my life! Back-to-back audits of some of the worlds biggest companies who provide mainstream household consumer goods and foods were undertaken. This time, working as part of a team of professional auditors gives me yet more inspiration for the work we do. Some of my colleagues in the audit […]

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