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Welcome to your associate area. Here you can find information about your associate link and earnings.

Associate banners

See our Associate banners page for adding graphics with your associate link.

Associate ‘affiliate’ link

Your associate URL is below. Use this to link to this site and generate commission.


The URL contains your specific associate reference (the ‘affiliate’ part of the URL starts with a question mark “?“)

Use this code to link to the homepage of AuditMentor:

<a href="[affiliates_url/]">Get online auditor training with AuditMentor</a>

Use this code to link to the ISO 14001 landing page:

<a href="[affiliates_url]https://auditmentor.com/iso-14001/[/affiliates_url]">Get ISO 14001 auditor training online with AuditMentor</a>

Use this code to link to the OHSAS 18001 landing page:

<a href="[affiliates_url]https://auditmentor.com/ohsas-18001/[/affiliates_url]">Get OHSAS 18001 auditor training online with AuditMentor</a>


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